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Most Trusted Numerology Course

Become a Professional Numerologist

Numerology delves into the hidden meaning of numbers, offering insights into personalities, destinies, and life experiences. This comprehensive course equips you to unlock the power of numbers and guide others on their journey of self-discovery.

Is this Numerology Course Right for You?

  • Passionate about Personal Growth: Do you have a strong desire to help individuals understand themselves better and reach their full potential? This course provides the tools!
  • Seeking Career Expansion: Are you looking to add a unique skillset to your professional repertoire? Numerology opens doors to a fulfilling career path.
  • Drawn to Analytical Insights: Do you enjoy uncovering the deeper meaning behind patterns and data? Numerology offers a fascinating analytical approach to human potential.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this Numerology course is the perfect opportunity for you!


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Numerology Course

Feeling like you’re on autopilot?

Numerology can be your roadmap to a more fulfilling life! Ever wonder why you’re drawn to certain numbers or why your birthday seems significant? Numerology unlocks the hidden messages within your birthdate and name, revealing your:

  • Inner Compass: Discover your strengths, passions, and potential roadblocks.
  • Life’s Playbook: Gain insights into your unique path and the direction your journey is taking.
  • Decision-Making Superpower: Learn how numbers can guide you towards choices that align with your true self.

Stop wondering, start thriving! This numerology course empowers you to understand your personal blueprint and navigate life with greater purpose.

Ready to unlock the secrets written in your birthdate? Join us and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. ✨


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Empowerment Through Vedic Science

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What will you learn

Introduction to Numerology


  1. History of Numerology
  2. Understanding Destiny and Personality Numbers
  3. How to Create A Vedic Grid
  4. Understanding 9 Numbers and Association with Planets
  5. Detailed Study of 9 Numbers
  6. Compatibility
  7. Understanding Rows and Columns
  8. Lucky Days, Colors, and Numbers
  9. Name Numerology and Name Correction
  10. Mobile Numerology

Advanced Numerology

  1. The Conjunctions

  2. Aspects

  3. Retro-Aspects

  4. Trines

  5. Calculation of Dasha

  6. How to Align with Destiny Number

  7. Integration of Zodiac Signs with Numerology

  8. Karmic Numbers and Relationships

  9. Remedies for Numerology Readings

  10. Health Analysis

  11. Case Studies

Globally Recognized Certificate

Become a Certified Practitioner Today!

  1. Globally recognized certification from Astrologer Sahu Ji
  2. 100% recorded Online Training.
  3. Taught by 23+ years of experienced Industry Experts.
  4. No prior experience is required to do this course.
  5. Industry Approved Certificate upon completion.