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Astrology delves into the intricate connection between celestial bodies and human experiences.

By interpreting birth charts, it unveils personality traits, forecasts life patterns, and fosters self-awareness, aiding in comprehending interpersonal dynamics.

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Astrology Course

Are you seeking a profound understanding of your life’s purpose? Ever wondered about the influences of your birth chart and zodiac sign?

Embark on our astrology course, designed to equip you with the knowledge to delve deeper into your life’s path. Discover the essentials of astrology and the significance behind your unique astrological elements. Unveil how astrology can empower your decision-making and enrich your life. Delve into the intricate connection between celestial bodies and human experiences, interpret birth charts, unveil personality traits, forecast life patterns, foster self-awareness, and learn how to comprehend interpersonal dynamics.

Our experienced instructors will navigate you through the intricate realm of astrology, unraveling the transformative power of your celestial blueprint. Join us on this voyage of self-exploration and unlock the captivating world of astrology.

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What will you learn

Introduction to Astrology

  1. The Basics of Astrology

  2. Relationship of Astrology With Vastu

  3. Comparison of Sidereal and Western Zodiacs

  4. How to Make a Birth Chart?

  5. Astronomy

  6. Types of Horoscopes

  7. Zodiac Signs

  8. Yogas

Advanced Astrology

  1. Bhava
  2. Transits
  3. Panchang
  4. Yog In Kundali
  5. Dashas
  6. Mahurat Calculation
  7. Predictions and Remedies

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  3. Taught by 23+ years of experienced Industry Experts.
  4. No prior experience is required to do this course.
  5. Industry Approved Certificate upon completion.